Holy Land Cruise 10/31/2016

10/31 Rome Italy

After a long flight (San Diego to Washington DC (to meet up with Deborah) then to Frankfort, and then to Rome) we arrived at our logding. Patty found this great place in the heart of Rome, just a few blocks from the Vatican.

We were pretty tired after being up for almost a day. But the worst thing you can do is go to bed. We lounged at our apartment, walked to the Vatican, and then searched out a dinner spot.

We had a great dinner the first night. No menu. The owner listened to Patty's dietary needs, made some suggestions which Patty kinda rejected, and then said, "leave it to me". He prepared a GREAT meal and 2 hours later we left with happy tummies. There was some concern about what it was going to cost us since we had bread, starters, wine, the meal, desert, and an appertif. Can you believe 100 euros for the 4 of us? We couldn't!