Trophy SE Wiring Project

I've been busy spending money and adding farkles to the Trophy. 


First up was to fix the wiring. I had tapped into some circuits as a quick and dirty, get things working fast manner, and wanted to clean it up. Plus I was adding some lights so the wiring was the first task. 


I've made plenty of mistakes in not wiring properly and it has cost me dearly. Having learned from my previous errors I've tried to do this one right.


IMG 2286

I added a Fuzeblock. This is a great product and I highly recommend it. I found a nice place to tuck it in just behind the rider seat.

The Fuzeblock takes 3 inputs:+12v from the battery, -12v from the battery (ground), and a +12v switched lead to control the onboard relay.

I tapped into the stock GPS power cord for the switched lead. The reason being this comes on with the ignition switch.

IMG 2289

The Trophy has 2 different accessory circuits. One comes on with the switch and the other only comes on when the engine is running. I wanted the switched circuits on the Fuzeblock to be powered with the first accessory position, switch on.

The 3 input wires run along the right side of the bike. They are dressed and zip tied.

IMG 2290

The output circuits run on the left side of the bike. I did this to minimize the size of the wiring bundle and to keep things simple in case I have to troubleshoot a circuit.

Having had to add wiring after the fact on many bikes, I anticipated this with the Trophy and ran a "conduit" along the frame so I could pull a wire without having to remove the left side fairing.

Each circuit is either uniquely color coded and/or labeled as to it's function.

IMG 2288

After testing everything to make sure it was connected properly, the final touch was to label each circuit on the Fuzeblock.

I've indicated what the circuit powers and whether it is switched (SW) or unswitched (USW).